Monday, March 29, 2010

BETTY Tatoo culture in Japan

In Japan, they called Irezumi or Horimono for Japanese Tatto,the tattoo symbolize, is usually the Yakuza (Japanese glory family) and the negative trend. For example, many buses to complete the installation of Japanese customers, the tattoos. Japan traditional tattoo for arms, shoulders and back. In recent years in Japan and popularity among young people of today to a tattoo. Tattoo issues are oftentimes enclosed large metropolises, and there are a lot of Japanese tattoo stores in Japan. It is a good contact before the visit.
Japanese Dragon
Much of the symbolism of the Japanese dragon has already been described for the dragon with sword tattoo and the face of the dragon tattoo in this same section of the web site. Even so, this Japanese dragon differs slightly from these others – although to the untrained eye, one large Japanese tattoo seems like another.

This dragon has its mouth closed, in a less aggressive stance. It also clutches in one of his claws an object that is variously shown as a ball, a pearl, or a jewel. This item is essentially the closed-lotus form seen in various Buddhist designs including temples and grave markers. It represents the spiritual essence of the universe, by which the dragon controls the winds, rains, and even the movement of the planets, and he protects it from those who might usurp those powers.


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