Monday, March 29, 2010

RYAN Chinese Tattoos

In the country of China, tattoos in recent history weren’t seen as something artistic, acceptable or even desirable. In Chinese tattoo is called “Wen Shen or “Ci Shen” which literally means, “To puncture the body”.
The reason for this name is because most Chinese people saw their body as a gift from their parents and to deface or abuse their body would be a crime to their family.
In earlier times tattoos were used to mark criminals who had broken the law excessively and were facing banishment. They would have a tattoo marked on their face as punishment to notify everyone of their past deeds, preventing employment and relationships. One famous tattoo story in Chinese history is the story of Yueh Fei who was a famous general who had his own Field Marshal turn over to the enemy’s side. Furious, he went back to his home where his mother told him in disgust. She told him that a soldier’s ultimate loyalty is to their country and he should know this best as the words “Ultimate”, “Loyalty”, “Serve” and “Country” were on his back. Upon hearing this he went back to defend his country. In modern times the main wearers of tattoos are gang members in the city, however some people get key word and symbols placed on their body for symbolic importance.

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