Tuesday, April 27, 2010

(KELLY) The Hippie Subculture

Hippie (sometimes spelled "hippy") refers to a member of a subgroup of the counterculture that originated on college campuses in the United States during the early 1960s and expanding to other countries around the world.

In January 1967, the Human Be-In in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco popularized hippie culture, leading to the legendary Summer of Love on the West Coast of the United States, and the 1969 Woodstock Festival on the East Coast.

Originally, hippies were part of a youth movement composed mostly of white teenagers and young adults, between the ages of 15 and 25 years old, who inherited a tradition of cultural dissent from the Bohemians and the beatniks.

Hippies rejected established institutions, criticized middle class values, opposed nuclear weapons, opposed the Vietnam War, embraced aspects of Eastern religions, championed sexual liberation, promoted the use of psychedelic drugs to expand one's consciousness, and created intentional communities.

They used alternative arts, street theatre, folk music, and psychedelic rock as a part of their lifestyle, and as a way of expressing their feelings, their protests, and their vision of the world and life.

Hippies opposed political and social orthodoxy, choosing a gentle ideology that favored peace, love, and personal freedom, perhaps best characterized by The Beatles' song "All You Need is Love".

The legacy of the hippie movement continues to permeate Western society.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

RAQUEL- Eero Aarmio - The Ball Chair.

Eero Aarnio was born in 1932, studied as a Finnish interior designer, well known for his innovative furniture designs in the 1960s, notably his plastic and fibreglass chairs.

When Aarnio had the first idea for the Ball Chair
in 1963, fibreglass was a relatively new material as glass reinforced products were not Batch Produced as they are today nobody . The only possibility was to craft the chair
with his own hands. It took Eero and his brother in law
nearly one year until the first prototype was ready.

The prototype was a success, it is still standing in Eeros house. By coincidence two young product managers from the company ASKO discovered the Ball Chair when visiting Eero in order to look at some pine wood chairs. They immediately realised the potential of this design icon.

In 1966 for the first time the chair was presented at the International Furniture Fair in Cologne. Celebrities bought copies of the original for their homes and it found itself in a variety of Design Museums throughout the world.

The design of the chair was not only striking to look at but it was also comfortable and relaxing to sit in for long periods of time. The chair has been described as ''a room within a room''. It offers shelter, a calming atmosphere and privacy for the seated person. Some models of the chair have had telephones built into them.

The chair has featured in films such as 'Tommy', 'Dazed and Confused' and 'Moon Zero Two'. It also featured in such classic television Programs as 'The Prisoner'.It has even been used by Vivienne Westwood in one of her shows.







1.      LOUIS 20  Phillippe Starck
2.      WW STOOL Phillippe Starck
3.      Big Easy Vol 2 Ron Arad
4.      S Chair Tom Dixon
5.      Little Beaver Frank Ghery
6.      Queen Anne Robert Venturi
7.      Bocca Studio 65
8.      Primate Achille Castiglioni
9.      Red Chair Verner Panton
10.    Ball Chair Eero Arnio
11.    Egg Chair Arne Jacobsen
12.    Tulip Pedestal Chair Eero Saarinen
13.    Lounge Chair 670 Charles Eames
14.    Diamond Chair Harry Bertoia
15.    Effiel Chair Charles Eames
16.    Barcelona Chair Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe
17.    Zig Zag Chair Gerrit Rietveld
18.    Red Blue Gerrit Rietveld
19.    Wassily Chair Marcel Breuer
20.    Easy Chair Hans J Wegner
21.    Joe Sofa Scolari D’urbino, Lomazzi And De Pas
22.    Blow Chair Scolari D’urbino, Lomazzi And De Pas
23.    Ettore Sottsass
24.    marc newson lockheed lounge
25.    Etruscan Chair Danny Lane
26.    LC4 Le Corbusier
27.    Isamu Noguchi
28.    Ross Lovegrove's new Supernatural chair
29.    The Table Eileen Gray
30.    The Marshmallow Sofa George Nelson
31.    Armchair Alva Aalto
32.    Up 5 & Up 6 Gaetano Pesce
33.    Barrel chair Frank Lloyd wright
34.    Ant chair Arne Jacobsen
35.    Lips lounge by Salvador Dali

RAQUEL- Hippie - subculture.

The hippie subculture was originally a youth movement that arose in the United States during the mid-1960s, swiftly spreading to other countries around the world. The history of the term 'hippie' is from hipster, and was initially used to describe beatniks who had moved into New York City's Greenwich Village and San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury district.
The early "hippies" ideologies included the countercultural values of the Beat Generation. Some created their own social groups and communities, listened to psychedelic rock, embraced the sexual revolution, and used drugs such as marijuana and LSD to explore alternative states of consciousness.
Hippie fashions and values had a major effect on culture, influencing popular music, television, film, literature, and the arts. Since the widespread movement in the 1960s, many aspects of hippie culture have been assimilated by mainstream society. The religious and cultural diversity espoused by the hippies has gained widespread acceptance, and Eastern philosophy and spiritual concepts have reached a wide audience. The hippie legacy can be observed in contemporary culture in myriad forms — from health food, to music festivals, to contemporary sexual mores, and even to the cyberspace revolution.



Saturday, April 24, 2010

KELLY - Aboriginal Awelye (Women's Ceremony) Art

Awelye refers to women's ceremonies associated with women'
s business and also refers to the painting of designs on a women's body. This spiritual, sensuous and meditative performance reflects the nurturing role of women in Aboriginal society.

Awelye is the Anmatyerre word for women's ceremonies. Awelye also refers specifically to the designs applied to a wo
men's body as part of a ceremony.

The Awelye is performed by Aboriginal women to recall their ancestors, to show respect for their country and to demonstrate their responsibility for the wellbeing of their community.

The women’s ceremony is kept separate to the man’s ceremony, though each one is equally as important

The body paint designs would vary from ceremony to ceremony and would depend on the subject and the time of year the ceremony is held. Different symbols are painted on the body and may vary from person to person depending on the seniority of each member.

The designs are painted on the chest and sho
ulders using powders ground from yellow and red ochre, charcoal and ash. It is applied with a flat stick with padding or with fingers in raw linear and curved lines. This is a meditative and sensual experience.

The act of decorating the body transforms the individual and changes their identity. During the painting which can take up to three hours, the women chant their Dreaming. The final part of the ceremony is when the women dance and chant.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

RYAN- Stencil Graffiti Art

Stencil graffiti make use of the mediums of cardboard, paper or any other material used to replicate images. Spray and roll on paints are also used to imprint an image from the stencil to the surface sprayed upon. Most stencils are plain black with the surface colour, however overlaying different colours on stencils can allow more colour and the illusion of depth. It is popular due to its easy re-use, more than conventional tagging methods.
There are main reason people use stencils is for the high amount of attention it receives in urban and city areas. The reason for this is to produce a political or social message for the public to see, this can range from comments on consumerism, to accusations of corruption in the political system. Due to this rebellion is an idea that the media puts with stencil graffiti.
Famous stencil artists are Banksy, John Fekner, Ernest Pignon-Ernest, Above and Vhils. Most of those people and many others work under aliases to prevent being jailed for vandalism.
Communities in this subculture connect to each other through the internet, which has boosted its popularity over the years. Sites that display photos of stencils in the urban environment are ones that inspire other stencil artists to do work in their own area.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Surfing is a fun form of exercise and recreation. It requires a lot of time and practice to learn the basics. A lot of energy is also essential and a great deal of stamina.It is a water sport in which a person moves along the face of a breaking wave.

Surfboards are long and slender platforms made up from Polystyrene foam. Relatively light but strong enough to support the full weight of a person standing on them while riding a breaking
The 2 major subdivisions within stand-up surfing are long boarding and short boarding. Long boards are the size of 8 feet in height, thicker and wider, with a rounded nose.
And short boards are made up to the size of 5-7 feet, thinner and more of a pointed nose. It’s not as wide as long boards but a lot more manoeuvrable.

They were first invented in Hawaii made from wood from local trees. Often made over 5 metres in length and extremely heavy.

Over the years, surfboards were improved by adding fins on the bottom rear of the board to improve directional stability.

Today the final product of a surfboard is very light and strong, that is buoyant and manoeuvrable. Some boards are made up of Stringers, which are one or more pieces of wood going down the middle making them stronger.



Monday, April 19, 2010

RAQUEL traditional thailand tattoos

In Thailand tattoos were the norm for nearly all men. Men would be tattooed as a sign of spiritual and religious faith. Very rarely were they done as some kind of meaningless artistic display of the tattoo for its own sake but more often as a catalyst for change or to mark a stage in their lives.
The most popular style of tattoos in Thailand are the depictions of Buddhist Temples or Buddhist deities. Those who got these temple tattoos or Buddhist deities believed that they contained power to protect them. These tattoos are usually done by Thai monks using India Ink or Rotring ink and were often accompanied by prayers while they were being done.
Unlike Western style tattooing traditional Thai tattoos are done using hand tools and don't use the same kinds of sterilization methods as you would in a shop-front tattoo studio. Although apparently other things are added to the ink such as battery acid, plant extracts and snake oil which supposedly kills bacteria.








NICK Outdoor Party Scene or doof subculture

Outdoor party scene is made up of all sorts of people and all sorts of music but together are known as doofers because from far away thats what the party sounds like because of the strong basslines. The music is mainly psytrance which originated in Israel or Goatrance which originated in Goa in the early 1990's both are heavly influenced by 60's and 70's psycedelic rock music and trance and is basically a modern fusion. There are other kinds of music at these festivals progressive, minimal, electro, glitch, breakbeats, drum n bass, dubstep and alternative and folk music. Outdoor party scene gets alot of negitive feed back from the public because they don't like the noise and also because they believe there is a high amount of drug use which is just being stereotypical its everywhere and always will be theres never usually fights and much worse things happen in clubs or mainstream events. Outdoor partyscene is a positive and creative scene to be apart of it encourages creativity, positivity, spirituality and an open minded outlook and a family feel. The public see doofers as bludgers and hippies but theres actually alot of ppl that work within the scene and have well paid and creative jobs eg. event management, dj, band, artist, vj, clothing designer, record label producer. Doofers are made up of a few different kinds of people usually hippy types, alternative ppl and just normal everyday people that just want to have fun and enjoy themselves in a safe, diverse, fun and positive atmosphere. Outdoor party scene although is reasonably undergroun has spread throughout the world and many people make a killing traveling around the globe playing party after party. In a whole i think the scene is a good thing and should be incouraged it brings money to small towns in the bush where they are held, land owners and creates jobs and a purpose for people young and old.


SARAH subculture- hippie established in the US in 1960's

There are many definitions to the term 'hippie however the most common term describes hippies as a movement where people create their own communities reflecting alternative lifestyles where they sought to free themselves from societal restrictions, choose their own way, and find a new meaning in life. 'Hippies' created their own communities, listened to psychedelic rock, embraced the sexual revolution, used drugs such as marijuana and LSD to explore alternative states of consciousness. One expression of hippie independence from societal norms was found in their standard of dress and grooming which makes hippies instantly recognizable to one another served as a visual symbol pf their respect for individual rights. Through their appearance, hippies declared their willingness from the 'straight and square' segments of society.