Monday, April 19, 2010

NICK maori moko tattoos

In New Zealand lives the Maori's they have been living there for many years and are very well known for their tatto design moko is the tradional name. Maori's tattoo design is very different they cover their entire bodies with tattoos from head to toe. moko is a very popular type of design many people throughout the world have tattoos influcenced by moko, tribal style tattoos are a variation of moko design. Moko is very differnt to other cultures design because instead of getting the skin punctured by needles it is actually painfully carved into the skin by a chisel shaped device usually a bone. traditional maori designs are known as ta moko which means to strike or tap hencce the chiseling i was talking about earlier. moko means tattoo. Moko designs usually constist of one colour usually black n they have many weaves and spirals which can be caved in with black or leaving the skin as the pattern colouring around it which is very effective. To make the ink the used a substance made of half caterpilla half plant matter or if it was darker it would suggest that they used ash. Maori tattooing usually happened when a boy became a man or a girl into a women it is a very important ritual and people without tattoos were considered unimportant and worthless. If you have these tattoos because of their painful process you were thought to be strong and courageous. The ritual included music and chanting people would have to fast because their faces would swell up during this process.

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