Friday, April 23, 2010

RYAN- Stencil Graffiti Art

Stencil graffiti make use of the mediums of cardboard, paper or any other material used to replicate images. Spray and roll on paints are also used to imprint an image from the stencil to the surface sprayed upon. Most stencils are plain black with the surface colour, however overlaying different colours on stencils can allow more colour and the illusion of depth. It is popular due to its easy re-use, more than conventional tagging methods.
There are main reason people use stencils is for the high amount of attention it receives in urban and city areas. The reason for this is to produce a political or social message for the public to see, this can range from comments on consumerism, to accusations of corruption in the political system. Due to this rebellion is an idea that the media puts with stencil graffiti.
Famous stencil artists are Banksy, John Fekner, Ernest Pignon-Ernest, Above and Vhils. Most of those people and many others work under aliases to prevent being jailed for vandalism.
Communities in this subculture connect to each other through the internet, which has boosted its popularity over the years. Sites that display photos of stencils in the urban environment are ones that inspire other stencil artists to do work in their own area.

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