Monday, April 19, 2010

NICK Outdoor Party Scene or doof subculture

Outdoor party scene is made up of all sorts of people and all sorts of music but together are known as doofers because from far away thats what the party sounds like because of the strong basslines. The music is mainly psytrance which originated in Israel or Goatrance which originated in Goa in the early 1990's both are heavly influenced by 60's and 70's psycedelic rock music and trance and is basically a modern fusion. There are other kinds of music at these festivals progressive, minimal, electro, glitch, breakbeats, drum n bass, dubstep and alternative and folk music. Outdoor party scene gets alot of negitive feed back from the public because they don't like the noise and also because they believe there is a high amount of drug use which is just being stereotypical its everywhere and always will be theres never usually fights and much worse things happen in clubs or mainstream events. Outdoor partyscene is a positive and creative scene to be apart of it encourages creativity, positivity, spirituality and an open minded outlook and a family feel. The public see doofers as bludgers and hippies but theres actually alot of ppl that work within the scene and have well paid and creative jobs eg. event management, dj, band, artist, vj, clothing designer, record label producer. Doofers are made up of a few different kinds of people usually hippy types, alternative ppl and just normal everyday people that just want to have fun and enjoy themselves in a safe, diverse, fun and positive atmosphere. Outdoor party scene although is reasonably undergroun has spread throughout the world and many people make a killing traveling around the globe playing party after party. In a whole i think the scene is a good thing and should be incouraged it brings money to small towns in the bush where they are held, land owners and creates jobs and a purpose for people young and old.

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