Monday, March 15, 2010

Kelly - Maddalena Sisto

Italian Maddalena Sisto (1951-2000) or "MAD," as she signed her name, resided in Milan where she devoted herself to fashion, custom, design and trends within the Condè Nast Group (Vogue).

Though trained as an architect, she spent her life taking humorous jabs at the fashion and design industries in illustrations in Vogue, Vanity and The New Yorker, to name just a few.

She had a page of her own on Elle Decor and Sette magazines plus contributed to German, American and Spanish publications and as well engineered advertising campaigns. Mad is the only Italian fashion and design illustrator who is internationally recognized.

She is well-known for her watercolors representing extraordinary transformation (women-plants, women-flowers, women in pieces) and fashionable settings with elegant ladies and designer furnishings.

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