Monday, March 1, 2010

NOGANI Matisse

-One of the world’s most influential artists of modern art.
Matisse, often compared to his life long friend the legendary Pablo Picasso, is primarily known for his abstracted expressionism style of painting. What a lot of people don’t know about this master of art is that he also had a passion of a slightly different sort; costume design.

Being so flexible in using artistic media, Matisse seemed to be a master of all trades. Matisse was an artist was already well established when it came to using his visual imagination, this may be the reason why he seemed to conquer design with ease. One of Russian most prestigious arts producer Serge Diaghilev often commissioned Matisse to design both costume and sets for a number of his productions.

“Some of the most beautiful exhibit objects were the costumes designed by Matisse for “Le Rossignol”. Hand-painted silks and metallic hand-embroidery that embody the Orientalism and historicism typical of The Ballets Russes.”- Milli Blage

Matisse once designed an extravagant Chinese emperors cloak the length of the entire stage of the Paris opera house. He loved using a verity of embellished materials, such as embroided velvets and a rich colour schemes in his work.

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