Monday, March 1, 2010

NICK Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is a massive menswear company it has been making menswear since the 1970's and in 2000 decided to jump into the womens wear market. Hugo Boss actually constists of two brands Hugo and Boss. There are colour codes that show what style the clothes are designed for for example the black logo boss is for both social and business events. Boss orange is leisurewear. Boss Selection is the premium more sophisticated style that the produce. Hugo Boss has recently apointed American actor Ryan Reynolds to be the new future face of there label. They dont just make clothes they also have a large, popular and affordable range of watches, perfume and eye wear. In 2008 Hugo Boss made a deal with Samsung Electronics to create cell phones and related accessories, they now even have a childrens line of clothing. Hugo Boss is an extremely popular company and owns and 330 retail stores and over 1,000 are franchised out around the world.

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