Monday, March 8, 2010

NICK Bob Mackie

Bob Mackie grew up in Southern California he was greatly interested in Hollywood fashion design in movies as soon as he finished design school he was set for Hollywood and became a very valuable designer by the mid sixties n had designed clothes for Fred Astaire, Mitzi Gaynor Dinah Shore and Diana Ross and the Supremes. In 1967 Mackie was given the roll of designing all the clothes for the Caroll Burnett Show and he stayed for the entire length of the show 11 years. He has even done work for Cher. Bob Mackie is an extremely famous fashion designer he is very well known for his work with Mattel on the Barbie doll toys, he has designed clothing for some of the worlds best known celebraties. Mackie now has a sports range , home furnishings range and also his own designer fragrance. A famous quote of his is if a women wears one of my designs she dares to be noticed.

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