Monday, March 8, 2010

BETTY Illustrator Tobie Giddio

Illustrator Tobie Giddio blurs the line between fine art and fashion by combining the classic discipline of charcoal, pen, and ink drawing with the layering of colored transparent pantone films. This process of abstracting and deconstructing creates a form of beauty and balance within her illustrations. She has recently collaborated with Dovetail Studios to bring her drawings to life by adding animation, the perfect balance of digital and the tactile. Tobie's clients include Bergdorf Goodman, Tiffany & Co., Interview Magazine, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Seibu Department Store, Neiman Marcus, The Limited, Ann Taylor, Infiniti Cars, and Apple Computer.

Sometimes you see art that compels you to find out who the artist is; that's how I felt when I saw Tobie Giddio. From Tiffany, Infiniti, Apple, to Shiseido --- who shouldn't hire her? I could go into the opacities, brush strokes, curves, contrast and subtleties in her art, but I'm sure you understand me when I say it's just good! There are numerous illustrators going on the sponge bob/tokidoki/anime route with their work (which I am still a fan of - check out Mark Verhaagenand and Jijzijn), but Tobie Giddio's renderings of the feminine human figure remain elegant and, more importantly, timeless. It's utterly fitting that some of Tobie's "flowing" artwork gets set to motion... enjoy her stills and video work at Please note, images posted here are the work of Tobie Giddio. I take no credit for them. I just wanted to share...

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