Monday, May 24, 2010

Ross Lovegrove's Supernatural Chair

Ross Lovegrove, the creator of the famous sophisticated Supernatural chair, was born in 1958, Cardiff, Wales. His professional career has been varied and impressive.

Lovegrove began studying industrial design after being interested in how the world works at an early stage.

After graduating in 1980, he went on to gain a Master of Design degree from the Royal College of Art in London in 1983. He has been since regarded as one of the most important and innovative of complementary industrial designers.

He began his career as a designer in 1980, at the Frog Design in west Germany and has worked on projects such as Walkman design for Sony and computer designs for Apple. Ross then became a consultant for a design company called Knoll International. There he created the bestselling Alessandri Office System in Paris.

Ross Lovegrove has received countless of international awards and has been presented far and wide at international exhibitions.

The famous Supernatural Chair which had been made by fibreglass- reinforced polypropylene injection moulding technology. The design of the chair is a result of the natural form that the technology creates inside the mould.

It represents a new vision of form, generated by digital data, to end in an every day chair slender, lively and healthy.

The chair is a fluid, organic shape which unites the beauty of the human form. The resulting structure is “intelligent” because it acquires levels of comfort, elasticity and strength.

The Supernatural chairs can also by easily stacked; up to 8 chairs high, and comes with multiple colours; white, turquoise, green, caramel and black, and is also greatly suited for outdoors.
The holes are not only for decoration. It’s a way of eliminating excess material. And what they do amongst other things, they add a multi-sensory effect; light passing through the holes, it creates shadows which enhances their surroundings and bring out the architectural surfaces with unexpected degree of beauty.

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