Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nick iconic chairs eames lounge 670

Eames lounge was first designed in 1956 by Charles and Ray Eames for the Herman Miller Furniture Company. The design is quite basic looks really outdated and boring for this day and age but back then would have been really classy and stylish defiantly looks really comfortable and is a very practical design evolving style and comfort. Design is made up of three plywood shells each made five layers of ply, the original versions used Brazilian Rosewood whereas the later versions use wooden vener and seven layers of ply. The chairs first time on television was the Arlene Francis show "Home" on the NBC network in 1956 the chair soon became a design icon. Print ads decipted the 670 in a Victorian Parlor, occupied by a grandmother shelling peas on the front porch of an American Gothic style house, and in the middle of a sunny field of hay. Eames for Herman Miller produced an ad warning customers against imitations. the Eames lounge is a very succesful design copies are still being made today and there have been many successful alterations.






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