Sunday, May 9, 2010

Marc Newson

Marc Newson is an Australian born successful product and furniture designer. Born in 1963, he is well known for his funkily futuristic approach to design.
Graduating in jewellery and sculpture at the Sydney Gallery of Arts in 1984, he is today’s most innovative, versatile, high-profile designers.

Working in studios in Sydney, Tokyo, Paris and currently now in London, he made over 200 objects, designing everything from restaurants and recording studios, from a bicycle to a car, furniture to even interiors for private and commercial jets.

Marc Newson has been remarkably successful incorporating his own style, known as biomorphism, which includes smooth lines, translucency, transparent, and has an absence for sharp edges, into his designs.

His famous curvaceous divan, the Lockheed Lounge, made from aluminium and fibreglass was one of the items that established him as a designer. Now 20 years old, the lounge which consists of only 3 legs with slightly curved feet, is a well rounded metal structure which takes on a new look from all

The Lockheed lounge had been made from bent and riveted ultra-industrial aluminium and had been formed into a voluptuous, body hugging seat with a slick metal surface and is known to be quite comfortable and cosy.

Newson displayed the chair in his graduation exhibition at Sydney College of Arts in 1983. Then launched a commercial version in 1986 at a Sydney gallery where it created a sensation.
After the exhibition, photographs of it appeared in magazines all over the world.
Marc Newson appears regularly in international design journals and his work is represented in collections throughout the world.

Its sensuous, gleaming curves of his aluminium Lockheed lounge is now an international design icon.

His work is also represented in museum collections throughout the world and he has also been selected as one of TIMES magazine’s 100 most influential people of the year.

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