Monday, May 3, 2010

(KELLY) Philippe Starck: WW Stool

As one of the most dynamic furniture designers of the 1980s and 1990s, Philippe Starck developed dozens of chairs to be put into volume production by different manufacturers, yet he also executed experimental projects by designing conceptual pieces.

Starck described them as “surrealist or Dada objects” intended to liberate the user “from the humdrum reality of everyday life". Among them was the W.W. stool, which was originally designed by Starck as part of a fantasy workspace for the German film director Wim Wenders and named after him.

There were a few different pieces of furniture that Starck designed for this project; however, this was the only object in the room to go into production. Made from varnished sand-cast aluminium, the technique of hard casting allows the flowing organic form to beautifully capture the material’s fluidity.

The flowing tentacle design was not only planned as a pretty set piece - it does also function as a usable item of furniture although it will normally only be comfortable for users who prefer to almost stand against the bar stool rather than sit down.

Philippe Starck has been referred to as possibly the most famous and prolific designer alive. His desire for challenge, of cultural provocation made him change our lamps, door handles, cutlery, kettles, vases, clocks, scooters, motorcycles, desks, beds, taps, toothbrushes, baths, toilets… in short, our whole life.

Starck was asked which of his works has given him the most satisfaction, he simply responded, "the next."

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