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Nari Brown Arne jacobson. The Ant chair

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Born in Copenhagen in 1902, Arne Jacobsen worked as an apprentice bricklayer before winning a place to study architecture at the Royal Academy of the Arts in 1924. Humble though Jacobsen's first job may seem, there are echoes with those of other great architects like John Soane and Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, who worked for their fathers as a bricklayer and stone mason respectively. It also imbued Jacobsen with the love of materials, which became a dominant feature of his work.
Arne jacobson died in 1971. He was 69 years old.

In 1952 Arne Jacob-son desingned the Ant chair commonly reffered to as the "Ant". It was an extremely brave thing for Fritz Hansen to have launched such a chair.
Elegant and beautiful is the ant, sitting approximately 122 cm off the ground, appears smooth and is eye-pleasing but has one fatal fault. It only has THREE legs and NO arm rests.
It was originally designed with three legs and no arms which had a surprising impact with cases of injuries relating to falling off chairs going through the roof with over 200 reported cases within two months of its launch in the 'U.S'. It was so bad in-fact that one eminent architect of that time sent in a letter to the times describing it as the worst insult to British architecture since the 11Th century when a Frenchman had been entrusted with the rebuilding of Canterbury Cathedral.

Nevertheless, revolutionary in 1952 due to shell design with back and seat made out of one piece of laminated wood with 9 layers of moulded veneer and 2 layers of cotton textile in-between. It took until the late '1970s' until the three legged chair was re-designed to have four legs instead of three. After that happened, cases of injuries relating to falling off chairs decreased drastically.The now 4 legged chair is chromed or satin chromed steel. It comes in a variety of colors - available in lacquer or lazier or in maple or beech veneer - or dark-stained oak. The base is chromed or satin chromed steel.
The ant chair is manufactured in Denmark by Fritz Hansen.



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