Monday, February 22, 2010


Jean Paul Gaultier, also known as the Bad Boy of French fashion, is a creative designer at the French luxury fashion house Hermes; a leather goods company known for their equestrian background, scarves, difficult and expensive handbags. Currently designs his own couture and ready to wear lines.

To get his career started he set out on his own to create a women’s wear line.
He produced and designed many costumes for motion pictures and also the infamous cone bra for Madonna for 2 of her Tours.

Jean Paul focused to creating styles based on street wear, popular culture, and formal yet at the same time unusual and playful, adding fun in his styles when working on his designs for equestrian, military, and royal tropes.
In the Men’s wardrobe, Gaultier promoted the use of skirts, especially kilts.

For his exhibitions Gaultier caused controversy by using unconventional models, older men and full figured women, pierced and heavily tattooed models, playing with traditional gender roles in the shows which earned him both criticism and a large amount of popularity.

In 1988, Gaultier expanded his brand to add in a lower-priced line designed for the youth market which has a heavy nautical influence, labelled Junior Gaultier.

Another line was introduced in 1994 mainly of denim and more simply styled garments with a heavy street influence.

1997 a collection of his designs, he was able to freely express the perversity of his aesthetic from inspiration ranging from imperial India to Hasidic Judaism. Which lead him to become a creative designer in 2003.

Jean Paul created a popular line of perfumes; for women a floral oriental and men’s were introduced 2 years later.

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