Monday, February 22, 2010

1 nogani MCQUEEN

Alexander McQueen
McQueen was known for his lavish, unconventional, runway shows, which often used tactics to shock the audience. McQueen’s willingness to take risks is strongly reflected in his garments, from the outrageous alien like shoes that are worn by singer ‘lady gaga’ to embroidering profanities on to the inner lining of prince Charles jacket.
McQueen is a designer of the stars, his cunning style that continuously challenges the conventions of design and impeccable taste are just a few reasons why Alexander McQueen is now one of fashions greatest icons. The often extravagant colour schemes and streamline tailoring of each garment insure both the ascetics and the quality. McQueen has been nominated and chosen to receive many of the worlds most prestigious international fashion awards such as “top 100 best dresses of the decade” for the dress designed for Camilla belle, as follows below.

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