Monday, February 22, 2010

Kelly - Isaac Mizrahi

Top Designer Made His Clothing Accessible for Middle America.

Exploding onto the fashion scene in the late 1980s, Isaac Mizrahi adopted a groundbreaking approach to womenswear and came to redefine luxury. He is famous for his use of color and the clean, flattering lines of his designs.

The trend, which has been termed "High-Low" for featuring high-end designers at low prices, made its flashiest debut when Mizrahi launched his affordable yet fashionable line of clothing for discount retailer Target.

One of the most successful partnerships in the business, the line soon spread to cover accessories, bedding, housewares, and pet products. Sales volume tripled over five years to over $300 million and introduced the designer to mainstream America.

Mizrahi helped create the image of Target as a style destination and inspired other high-end designers like Vera Wang to break an industry taboo by simultaneously designing for luxury and mass consumers.

As a result, the discount-store hit revived Mizrahi's haute couture reputation and revived sales of his high-end outfits.

New York Times
Target 2008 Fall Collection

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