Tuesday, June 1, 2010

tulip chair eero saarinen ICONIC CHAIR 2 nick

Eero saarinens' tulip pedalstool was designed in 1956, and was made from carbon fiber and aluminum. There have been many changes and versions to this design called the tulip colection which consists of the basic tulip design then altered slightly or the same with different materials or colours they have even made tables out of this design which are quite fancy and have marble tops. The design was very futuristic and had only one leg to support it which was so people could move their legs around and spin around comfortably the design was very differnt for its time and was considered to be a very stylish and artistic piece. The design inspired the makers of star trek and was used in their films. Eeros' father was an artist as well and taught at the Cranbrook Acedamy of Art in Michigan where he took sculpture classes and furniture design no suprise that he became such a sucessful designer he actually shared the same birthday as his father strange coinsidence.




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